Wednesday, May 29, 2013

VariZoom / mocoDyne CinemaPro Remote Head system

Whether you are shooting a professional movie or commercial, trust the VariZoom CinemaPro remote head to deliver the camera motion control shots you need. A step up from the VariZoom MC50 and MC100 remote heads, the CinemaPro is trusted by film professionals around the globe.

Featuring powerful but quiet drivetrains, the CinemaPro provides equal refinement when it comes to fast-movement action shots or slow-moving tracking shots.

Wireless Lens Control Integration
The CinemaPro works delightfully well with the TOC Wireless Follow Focus system. (We also have a video on our wireless lens control system.)

HD Video
An HD video slipring is an optional accessory.

About VariZoom
VariZoom manufacturers high quality remote heads, and other related camera equipment for filmmakers, including camera cranes, camera jibs, video tripods, and lens controls. Visit our equipment store at Have questions? Call 512-219-7722 or contact us online.

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