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VZ SnapCrane Product Highlight

What sets the VariZoom SnapCrane apart from other camera cranes the most is its ease of use. This well-made piece of equipment turns the hassle of setting up and breaking down a jib camera crane into a process that takes only minutes out of your production day. On a set when time is money, the SnapCrane can save you a lot in production costs.
video crane

Video Crane Key Features

Better Reach Over the Competition
Compared to the QuickJib, the SnapCrane offers far more reach both horizontally and vertically.
There are also four configurations as opposed to just two.

Dovetail Joint Assembly
The unique dovetail joint assembly makes it possible to construct the SnapCrane in minutes without the use of tools. It also improves the overall stability and security of the video crane by offering safety locks above and below the joint.

Pan/Tilt Base and Brake System
The base of a jib camera crane can greatly impact the quality of the shot. VariZoom has done a good job at creating a base that’s as smooth as it is sturdy. The braking system is also smartly designed to offer holding power without locking.

Complete Turn-key Kit
In addition to the jib camera crane, each kit also includes a tripod, dolly, and carrying case. It’s everything that you need to get your video crane up and operable.

VariZoom Camera Cranes

The VZ SnapCrane isn’t a one size fits all camera boom. There are a number of options and configurations, which makes finding the video crane to fit your needs and budget a snap.

  • VZ SnapCrane9 – 9’ camera boom
  • VZ SnapCrane12 – 12’ camera crane
  • VZ SnapCrane16 – 16’ camera boom
  • VZ SnapCrane9-100 – 9’ camera boom with VZMC100 Motion Control Head
  • VZ SnapCrane12-100 – 12’ camera crane with VZMC100 Motion Control Head
  • VZ SnapCrane16-100 – 16’ camera boom with VZMC100 Motion Control Head

VariZoom has created a top-of-the-line video crane that doesn’t cut corners on design and materials, but does cut down on the time it takes to utilize a jib. If you’ve been looking for a camera crane that will extend your shots without extending your production day, the SnapCrane will get the job done.  Visit VariZoom online at

A Lesson in Camera Controls for the Lens

The human eye is the greatest lens on the planet. Since the beginning of film, professional moviemakers have constantly improved camera controls to try and replicate our own ocular abilities. While we’re still not there yet, we’re getting really close.

Let’s take a look at the different types of lens control options that are available, what they do, and
what to look for.

focus control, zoom control Focus Control

Focus is the most important element of shooting film and video. Exact focus control is needed to get the sharpest shot possible, especially in shots that have lots of movement. Often an upgraded focus control will improve your ability to dial the focus no matter what’s happening in the scene. Look for a focus control that is:

  • Made for your brand of camera.
  • Offers auto and manual control options.
  • Designed to work with different types of camera supports.
  • Able to dial in precise adjustments.
  • Knobs, rings, etc. with extremely smooth movement.

There are even controls that allow you to pull focus using the tripod handle, which is great when you need to adjust focus during camera movement.

Zoom Control

Pushing in or pulling out of a shot can create a dynamic, dramatic effect, but only if it’s smooth. Jerky zoom operation is nothing but a distraction that can be avoided with a good zoom control. Look for a zoom control that:

  • Is made for your brand of camera – here at VariZoom we have zoom controls for all the major makers.
  • Offers variable speed zoom options.
  • Works on different types of camera supports.
  • Has a sturdy but compact design.
  • Pressure sensitive zoom rocker.
  • Incorporates a record start/stop control.

The zoom control that is built into most cameras offers only the most basic of operation, often at limited speeds. An upgraded zoom control can make moving in and out much more precise.

Iris Control

lens controlThe iris of the camera lens controls the exposure of the shot so exact operation can greatly improve iris control, here are a few things to consider:
the look of your finished product and minimize post work. If you’re in the market for an

  • Control that is made specifically for your camera model
  • Smooth movement of the control
  • Ability to switch from auto to manual

Oftentimes an iris control is paired with a focus control. If this is the case, you should be able to control each separately.

Lens Control Systems

A lens control system is designed to provide it all or a combination of controls: focus control, zoom control, and iris control. The best systems will have independent controls that can be operated by more than one person. Some lens control systems will also come with additional products such as monitors that help you to make your shots even more precise.

Wireless camera control systems give videographers more freedom, and enhance their ability to fine tune shots in less than ideal shooting situations. If you are using a jib or crane, wireless camera controls can make a huge difference.

Being able to control your lens, even from 1000 feet away, is crucial to capturing a great shot. When the basic controls just won’t cut it, an upgraded lens control system can take your shots from fine to fine-tuned.

To view lens control products, visit VariZoom at

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New: 5" & 7" HDMI Monitors

See our new 5" & 7" HDMI monitors! You can purchase the monitors by themselves, or as a kit. To see our selection, click here.

See VariZoom at IBC 2013

Come see us at IBC 2013 in Amsterdam! September 13-17, 2013. Learn more at

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The Stealthy Camera Stabilizer

Steady Camera Operation Made Easy

stabilizer for video cameraYou want to make sure you have all the gear you need, but lugging around cases of equipment can get old quickly. When it comes to capturing a great steady shot, an arsenal of tripods, monopods and stabilizers all end up getting dragged along. Multi-functionality is one of the most attractive features
of any piece of production equipment, and that’s exactly what the Stealthy™ offers!


Features That Make the Stealthy More than a Video Camera Stabilizer

The Stealthy™ is way more than a stabilizer for video camera operation. This versatile piece of equipment can easily switch from a video camera stabilizer to a:
Beyond its multi-functionality, another incredible feature, whether you are on set or out on location, is its easy portability. You can use the belt clip to hook the Stealthy™ to your belt buckle, backpack, or camera bag. This feature also solves another problem: getting the shot in time. It has a quick draw mode that allows it to be drawn up and put to use at a moment’s notice.

handheld camera stabilizer, 

Stabilizer for Video Camera Equipment of All Sizes

Weight is a factor for any video camera stabilizer. Again, the Stealthy™ proves to be one of the most
accommodating products on the market as it’s built to work with photo and video cameras up to 3 lbs. Have a beefier camera? The Stealthy-WT5 weight kit accessory boosts support for cameras up to 5 lbs.

Bottom line: The Stealthy™ is a great piece of equipment for anyone who needs a video camera stabilizer. Bringing much more to the table than any other similar product, the Stealthy™ is so versatile that it can be used to replace multiple pieces of equipment. From packing up to shooting on the fly, the Stealthy™ makes getting a great shot much easier!