Monday, July 15, 2013

The Stealthy Camera Stabilizer

Steady Camera Operation Made Easy

stabilizer for video cameraYou want to make sure you have all the gear you need, but lugging around cases of equipment can get old quickly. When it comes to capturing a great steady shot, an arsenal of tripods, monopods and stabilizers all end up getting dragged along. Multi-functionality is one of the most attractive features
of any piece of production equipment, and that’s exactly what the Stealthy™ offers!


Features That Make the Stealthy More than a Video Camera Stabilizer

The Stealthy™ is way more than a stabilizer for video camera operation. This versatile piece of equipment can easily switch from a video camera stabilizer to a:
Beyond its multi-functionality, another incredible feature, whether you are on set or out on location, is its easy portability. You can use the belt clip to hook the Stealthy™ to your belt buckle, backpack, or camera bag. This feature also solves another problem: getting the shot in time. It has a quick draw mode that allows it to be drawn up and put to use at a moment’s notice.

handheld camera stabilizer, 

Stabilizer for Video Camera Equipment of All Sizes

Weight is a factor for any video camera stabilizer. Again, the Stealthy™ proves to be one of the most
accommodating products on the market as it’s built to work with photo and video cameras up to 3 lbs. Have a beefier camera? The Stealthy-WT5 weight kit accessory boosts support for cameras up to 5 lbs.

Bottom line: The Stealthy™ is a great piece of equipment for anyone who needs a video camera stabilizer. Bringing much more to the table than any other similar product, the Stealthy™ is so versatile that it can be used to replace multiple pieces of equipment. From packing up to shooting on the fly, the Stealthy™ makes getting a great shot much easier!

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