Thursday, August 22, 2013

VZ SnapCrane Product Highlight

What sets the VariZoom SnapCrane apart from other camera cranes the most is its ease of use. This well-made piece of equipment turns the hassle of setting up and breaking down a jib camera crane into a process that takes only minutes out of your production day. On a set when time is money, the SnapCrane can save you a lot in production costs.
video crane

Video Crane Key Features

Better Reach Over the Competition
Compared to the QuickJib, the SnapCrane offers far more reach both horizontally and vertically.
There are also four configurations as opposed to just two.

Dovetail Joint Assembly
The unique dovetail joint assembly makes it possible to construct the SnapCrane in minutes without the use of tools. It also improves the overall stability and security of the video crane by offering safety locks above and below the joint.

Pan/Tilt Base and Brake System
The base of a jib camera crane can greatly impact the quality of the shot. VariZoom has done a good job at creating a base that’s as smooth as it is sturdy. The braking system is also smartly designed to offer holding power without locking.

Complete Turn-key Kit
In addition to the jib camera crane, each kit also includes a tripod, dolly, and carrying case. It’s everything that you need to get your video crane up and operable.

VariZoom Camera Cranes

The VZ SnapCrane isn’t a one size fits all camera boom. There are a number of options and configurations, which makes finding the video crane to fit your needs and budget a snap.

  • VZ SnapCrane9 – 9’ camera boom
  • VZ SnapCrane12 – 12’ camera crane
  • VZ SnapCrane16 – 16’ camera boom
  • VZ SnapCrane9-100 – 9’ camera boom with VZMC100 Motion Control Head
  • VZ SnapCrane12-100 – 12’ camera crane with VZMC100 Motion Control Head
  • VZ SnapCrane16-100 – 16’ camera boom with VZMC100 Motion Control Head

VariZoom has created a top-of-the-line video crane that doesn’t cut corners on design and materials, but does cut down on the time it takes to utilize a jib. If you’ve been looking for a camera crane that will extend your shots without extending your production day, the SnapCrane will get the job done.  Visit VariZoom online at

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