Wednesday, May 22, 2013

QuickJib Product Review

With the amount of jib cranes on the market, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of varying prices, features, capabilities, brands, and models.  Not to mention, that any budgetary restrictions involved with your particular filming project will have an impact on the type and quality of the gear you’re able to buy.  Film school graduates and amateur filmmakers have it especially tough; considering very few (if any) will get any sort of major financing from a big film studio without “paying their dues”, which often takes years.  
Camera Jib Crane

The point being is, you need a high quality camera jib, and it has to be affordable.  Enter the QuickJib from VariZoom.  The QuickJib is an affordable camera crane jib that exceeds the expectations of what you thought was possible for around $2500. Not only that, but it outperforms camera jib cranes   
from other manufacturers that are double the price.

Safety was a major priority in designing the QuickJib, as is evidenced by its slim design.  This gives it less resistance in windy conditions than jibs using a four-arm support system making the QuickJib much less likely to tip over and injure a crew member or damage the camera. 

The QuickJib can be purchased in pieces, or as an entire kit, giving you unlimited options.  This jib crane offers a secure clamp system for extension, is easily assembled without tools as the parts are held together with pins and all the fasteners are made of durable stainless steel. The brake system is designed to keep a good tension, but is also forgiving enough to slide under an amount of force that would topple the more common locking brake systems found in competitor models.  QuickJib’s camera platform features high-performance sleeve bearings and the tilt base features sealed radial ball bearings making for silent, smooth motion and professional footage.  The camera platform also features a level for quick reference and is easily and quickly adjustable.  

This jib crane from VariZoom is available with or without a motion control head, and all complete versions include a dolly and tripod.  For the price of $2,559.95, there is absolutely no better camera crane jib than the QuickJib from VariZoom.   

About the Author: VariZoom sells jib cranes, motion control heads, camera stabilizers, and other professional filming accessories to film pros and amateurs the world over.  VariZoom products are expertly crafted with only the finest materials and are built to be easy to assemble, easy to use, and most importantly, to last.  Their product selection can be viewed at

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